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  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents - Nou Òpal Difusor
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents
  • Experts en plaques de plàstic transparents iFrost

Noise barriers: assembly and certificates

Now produced up to 20 mm thick., NUDEC®PMMA extends its applications to the field of acoustic safety, one of the main concerns of urban modern architecture.

Stability and mechanical resistance conditions demand a minimum plastic sheet thickness of 15 mm. This provides an optimum superficial mass (kg/m2) to the acoustic barrier, which guarantees a noise reduction superior to 25 dB (A). In the case of NUDEC®PMMA 15-20 mm this value is 32-33 dB.

Assembling NUDEC®PMMA sheets as noise barriers

H Profile for sound barrier

It is crucial to pay special attention to the fastening system of the sheets to the support structure (generally using standard steel profiles IPE, HEB,...). Mounting the sheets requires allowance for thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring acoustic sealing of joints. It is necessary to respect the movements of expansion and contraction of the material.

The sheet should be strongly fixed but should allow thermal expansion and contraction. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion is 7 x 10-5 . oC-1, much higher than metals frequently used for the frames (laminated steel). Most materials undergo dimensional changes of expansion and contraction, due to alteration in temperatures and humidity.

For this reason, expansion joints should be used in order to allow slight movement between both parts of the structure. Expansion joints should be made of a material compatible with PMMA and the profiles.

European Certification and tests

NUDEC®PMMA 15 and 20 mm thick sheets meet with European Directive 89/106/EEC requirements, according to Standard EN 14388 (Road traffic noise reducing devices). Please find below a list of the tests carried out:

· EN 14388. Road traffic noise reducing devices.

·EN 1793-2. Road traffic noise reducing devices.

Part 2: Intrinsic characteristics of airborne sound insulation

·EN 1794-1. Road traffic noise reducing devices.

Non- acoustic performance.

Part 1: Mechanical performance and stability requirements:

Annex A: Wind load and static load.

Annex B: Self weight.

Annex C: Resistance against stone projectiles.

Annex E: Dynamic load due to snow clearance

·EN 1794-2. Road traffic noise reducing devices.

Non- acoustic performance.

Part 2: General safety and environmental:

Annex B: Risk of falling debris.

Annex E: Light reflection.

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Example of acoustic barrier scheme

Decorative transfer foils for plastic sheets

Research is currently under way in the polymers sector concerning the possibility of applying a previously-designed transfer foil to one side of the sheet, as a future alternative to digital printing. The extruded sheet would have a special finish and would be easy to manipulate.

Decorative transfer foils for plastic sheets

In the near future, thanks to research and innovation, this system for decorating clear plastic panels offers an extraordinary range of possibilities. The transfer foil, previously designed in a preliminary phase with the selected motif, is permanently attached to the sheet during the production process, thereby maintaining the high optical quality of the extruded plastic.

Moreover, the resulting plastic sheet can be thermo-shaped (under special conditions), which would allow it to be used for producing objects such as suitcases, combining thus design and impact resistance.


Potential applications: plastic sheets laminated with decorative foils can be used for an endless number of applications: replacing printed screens in bathrooms; in decoration, when printing is not a feasible method to create unique spaces (decorative wall and ceiling panels); in advertising, for making displays with an original effect, and in the car industry, for producing internal parts.


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Laminated plastic sheets used for producing objects such as suitcases



Energia verda

L'energia verda és aquella que procedeix de fonts d'energia certificades com 100% renovables, que es caracteritzen per un respecte mediambiental total, ja que eviten les emissions de CO2 i altres gasos contaminants, reduint d'aquesta forma l'efecte hivernacle en l'atmosfera.

Asignación de Energía Verde

Durant l'any 2010, l'empresa que subministra electricitat a NUDEC, E.ON Espanya, ens va aprovisionar amb 900.000 Quilowatts per hora (kWh) d'energia la procedència de la qual era, exclusivament, de fonts d'energia renovables. I les xifres de l'any 2011, encara provisionals, indiquen uns valors aproximats, amb el que es manté el nivell d'utilització d'energia verda en l'extrusió de plaques de plàstic.

D'aquesta manera, es fa palès el compromís de NUDEC amb el medi ambient i la seva inquietud permanent amb la petjada ecològica.

Els nostres compromisos 

· Control total dels procesos.

· No emissió de gasos a l'atmosfera.

· Consum eficient dels recursos naturals


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E.ON España provides electricity to NUDEC


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